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Co-workers Make Me Crazy!

January 25, 2010

We all have to get along!  But more often than not, there are those with whom we have great challenge in the workplace in trying to create harmony.

Client:  I’ve tried and tried to be diplomatic, but ‘Mary Jane’ just won’t keep her nose out of my business, and my personal life too!

PW:  We can find a past life in which you were interacting with ‘Mary Jane’ and find out what is actually going on between you.  That will give us a direction to move so that you can change the process that is now happening and work on creating the calmer, easier workplace you wish for.

Client:  You mean we’ve been together before?  I thought that was only for romantic stuff!

PW:  Past connection are true for nearly everyone in your life at this time.  Just depends on how much you want to know and how you want to alter what you are doing in order to alter what ‘Mary Jane’ is doing.  Do you want to try?

Client:  I don’t know.  How much would I have to change?

PW:  Only as much as you are willing – and as much as you need a better workplace!

This client went on to agree to find out information, and through the information was able to change her way of reacting and responding to ‘Mary Jane’, which in turn pushed ‘Mary Jane’ into having to shift her  behavior.  Not perfect, but better.


do you have noisy neighbors?

January 24, 2010

A client came to me with an issue of noisy neighbors disrupting her peaceful home and home life.

Client:  “My upstairs neighbors have created an earthquake in my life!  They’re such nice people, but their steps are so heavy!  What should I do?”

PW:  “Tell me more about them.”

Client:  “The husband’s job brought them here from Europe.  The wife is home a lot.  They’re nice people, but they are so loud even after the landlord put in rugs.  I’m going crazy!  My peaceful life is no longer peaceful.”

PW:  “Wow.  You should be upstairs and they should be downstairs.  From reading your energy, I can see that you have high energy which is vertical.  Their energies are horizontal.  I think his job isn’t secure; it’s tenuous since they’ve been transplanted, so their world has been earthquaked also.”

I gave this client three energy exercises to do to take some control of her own space and to lessen the effect on her life.  In the process of helping herself, she will also help them by grounding their energies in a way that will give them a greater sense of their own security.

Pat Windom

“As a Life Path Counselor, I believe that each of us can live to our full potential when we acknowledge the connection to higher consciousness.”